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12 Jan 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous places-new-app-sources-the-best-drink-deals-in-the-city


Heading out for drinks with friends is a great way to spend an evening — but if youʼre not careful it can get a bit expensive.
HappyHourHere, a Saskatoon-born free app that finds the best prices and promotions at restaurants, is here and ready to solve that problem.

Owner and founder Ronn Lepage came up with the idea for the app after noticing how empty restaurants are during their off-peak hours and as a former business consultant he immediately saw the potential to help businesses better utilize their space while also helping customers save some money.

The app is time and location based, so whenever you open it up it will show you all the nearby restaurants currently offering happy hour deals. Though, if youʼre keen to plan an outing in advance, you also have the option to chose different dates and locations.

“Weʼve also got a few extra features that we put into this version,” Lepage explains. “One is that once you get the list of restaurants you can say ‘OK Iʼm just looking for a glass of wine,ʼ so you can search for places offering wine specials during their happy hour.”

Currently, HappyHourNow is focused on users in Saskatchewan though they are slowly expanding west starting in cities like Calgary and Banff where Saskatchewan residents regularly visit.

The aim right now is to focus on pleasing the customers using the app when heading on a night out, Lepage said. But, as the user base grows he plans to start working more closely with restaurants to help them learn how to better promote their happy hour savings to better keep tables filled during the off hours.

Though the app only launched at the beginning of December, Lepage said he is already seeing great feedback from its users who say they are seeing huge savings on their nights out.

“Weʼve coined the phrase ‘Smart fun,ʼ ” Lepage finished. “Basically, the idea is that yeah itʼs always fun going out, but going out and going to a happy hour is just plain smart — why wouldnʼt you try.”

Ronn Lepage, owner and founder of HappyHourHere, an app that collects happy hour information for restaurants to help users find the best happy hour deals in Saskatchewan poses for a portrait at his home north of Langham,Sk on Sunday, January 6, 2019.


Owner: Ronn Lepage


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