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Travelling? - we got you covered.

6 Oct 2019 8:09 AM | Anonymous

It’s always fun to find interesting places to meet up with friends when you are travelling. Did you know that HappyHourHere includes restaurants from a number of Canadian cities as well as a few out of country. 

In Canada, we have good coverage in Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Montreal and Quebec City. If you are travelling to Hawaii, we have an excellent collection of happy hours on all of the islands. We are just getting started in Europe with a few restaurants in Istanbul.

You can plan ahead with HappyHourHere. If you are interested on finding out what happy hours are available to you, you can easily find out:

  1. Tap the settings wheel on the HappyHourHere home page.
  2. Set your location - (this can be as basic as ‘Calgary, AB’ or you can enter a specific address such as ’425 South Street, Honolulu, Hi)
  3. Set Start Date - set the date you are searching for.
  4. Set time - enter the time you are looking for.

HappyHourHere will provide you with a list of happy hours and specials at the time and date within a 20 km radius of the location.

To try it, down load the app at www.happyhourhere.com.

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