HappyHourHere user guide

Restaurants screen

  1. tap to refresh to your current location and time. Happy hours from current time to current time plus 4 hours are included in the list
  2. Tap to get to custom search settings including location, date (range), and time
  3. Restaurants are sorted by distance from your location with member restaurants being listed first.
  4. Icons indicate food, drink or both
  5. tap anywhere in the restuarant box to get additional information on menu and prices

    [see video on how to use search menus feature]

    Custom settings screen

    1. enter custom location such as 'Saskatoon, SK' or '425 South Street, Honolulu, HI'. Leave blank for current location.
    2. tap to set custom date or date range. Leave blank for current date.
    3. tap to set custom start time (default end time is start time plus 4 hours). Leave blank for current time.
    4. tap [apply] to complete search with custom settings
    [see video on how to use custom settings screen]

    Menu screen

    1. tap on [food] or [drink] to see the appropriate menu. 
    2. tap on address to find directions from your location to the restaurant
    3. tap on the phone number to call the restaurant
    4. tap on [Invite Friends] to invite your friends to this restaurant

    Invite Friends

    1. tap on [Invite Friends] to invite your friends to this restaurant
    2. select the time and date you want to meet up
    3. tap [done] to complete

    1. enter the name(s) of individuals or groups you want to invite. You can make any edits you want to the message. Tap send to send the invitation. 

    2. when your friend receives the message, they can tap on the address to get directions to the restaurant.
    3. they can tap the time and date to create a calendar event
    4. they can tap [tinyurl.com] to download the HappyHourHere app

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